Custom Carnival Portraits in Venice, Italy


This coming February, during Carnival season, I will be offering custom portraits in Venice, Italy. I have arranged to work with Atelier Tiepolo, the organizers of Venice Carnival in Costume® 2017, to set up private portrait packages for couples and groups, for studio-quality mementos of your masquerade adventure. Through both directed and non-directed/photojournalistic shooting, I will capture the essence of your Carnival experience in beautiful images that will last long after you return to life in the 21st century.

I will be offering the following packages, all subject to customization should you have particular desires or ideas not covered by these options:

A) On-site:
I will be set up at the following events to take formal portraits of guests:

18 February: Minuetto at the Ridotto (hotel Monaco&Grand Canal)
23 February: Il Ballo Tiepolo (Pisani Moretta palace)
24 February: Carnival Extravaganza (hotel Monaco&Grand Canal)
(For more information on these events, please visit

These will be studio-style portrait setups, for individuals, couples, and/or groups. I will have a small space set up adjacent to the event rooms with lights, backdrops, and various bits of furniture and props. The idea will be to capture both the detail and finery of your fancy dress, as well as the character behind your masquerade. Think of it as an Old Masters painting come to life, an image that you could hang on your wall next to that old painting you have of your great-grandmother. Or, if you like, something a little more edgy. It’s entirely up to you, and me, and whatever we decide to create.



For all who sign up for this package in advance I will also make sure to take photos of you dancing, dining, and playing your role within the elegant settings of the event spaces.
Cost: $200 per couple
B) En-suite:
I will come to your living quarters and document your preparations, in a journalistic “getting-ready” style. Applying the finishing touches on your masquerade, fixing yourself in the mirror, looking out over Venice from your quarters. This set-up will be most suited for guests with lavish living quarters, or beautiful views that you wish to document by “putting yourself in the picture”. This will also be suitable for those who wish to create a “behind the mask” story, as the privacy of your room allows for more revealing portrait work.
Cost: $350 per couple

C) On-location: I will accompany you on a stroll through the city, photographing you against the backdrop of Venice. Your favorite spots, iconic views from Piazza San Marco or Rialto, perhaps a secluded alleyway. The theme can be grand, mysterious, sexy, historical: all of these details will be discussed beforehand and we will establish a route and a plan before heading out into the city. This set-up will be suitable for those who wish to create keepsakes of themselves in costume with all the grandeur of Venice as their stage. Think of this kind of shoot as a little adventure, documented by your own professional photojournalist and fashion photographer.
Cost: $400 per couple


Combination Packages:
On-Site + En Suite: $475
On-Site + On Location: $500
En-Suite + On Location: $600
En-Suite + On Location + On Site: $750

To make a reservation, please email me at Should you have more specific requests, or wish to discuss larger group packages, I’m happy to discuss and negotiate alternatives with you.
During the Venice Carnival my info point will be at the Atelier Tiepolo ( inside the hotel Danieli, Riva degli Schiavoni-Castello 4196.

So don’t settle for iPhone shots! Let me create something truly special with you.



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  1. Martín Blanque says:

    Buenas tardes,
    Asistiremos al carnaval el proximo 18th febrero MINUETTO (HOTEL DANIELI) y estamos interesados en contratar el paquete “On-site”. Por favor, ¿puede indicarnos el precio del mismo?.
    Muchas gracias.

    Martín Blanque
    M. +34 626 02 28 48


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